The class was a beautiful form of movement and flow, where you can almost see the energy around you. Leela entices your body to move in directions that lift you up into higher vibrations.’  Paula Victoria

Leela IS movement from the soul. She dances on the breath of inspiration, moving effortlessly through the kinetic to stillness; she encourages each individual to find a unique communication with her/his body and spiritual core. Dancing with leela is a truly life enhancing experience.’   From and with Love, Joyce, Manaton Movers.

David Whyte speaks of “the place you cannot breathe”. Soul Motion with Leela connects me with that breathless place inside again and again. Every class it opens for a time and begins to shudder and shake and pulse and breathe again – loudly, softly, tenderly, powerfully. And so i come back for more … I am finding my raw Soul Breath and loving it!’  Jan Felmingham

I feel Leela’s work is sacred, profound, soft and gentle: spiritual. She herself, so full of light exhurberant innocence; straight away I felt she knew me with deep allowing and listening. Thank you.’  All my love, Helena Matthews

Maybe it was the music, maybe the breathing technique, or maybe the Martha Graham, but the way you held the space last night at Exeter Barefoot Dancing had a profound effect on me Leela.’ In gratitude, Neil Talbott.

Leela provides a safe held space where we can openly and joyfully express, and share within the group, both our core selves and new spontaneous creativity.’  Nick

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