Embodied expression is our birthright, and with it we step through the doorway into contact with our Life Force. We each hold the key, to simply listen to this physical moment.

Leela is a passionate and committed explorer of life through the moving body and wisdom of silence. She is a mother, a partner and an active member of Totnes community and its teaching circles. Life has led her dancing feet to live in the most curious corners of the world, and after training and teaching in the USA, she returned to lead Soul Motion classes in the UK, and bring her favourite teachers to Devon for visiting workshops.

Now in 2021 she leads classes as part of many initiatives in Totnes, included Lottery funded Movement for Life. Many groups are series on a committed basis and others drop-in. Please look at classes. She mentors Soul Motion™ teacher apprentices within the school programme. Her career has woven through school teaching, mentoring, adventure travel writing and expressive movement with adults and children. She lives in Devon in her native country of England with her partner Adam, and though mothering is the keynote, she practices finding ways to remember the creative companions of writing, singing, and playing with the waves.

Leela's certifications include a BA hons in Psychology, a Post Graduate degree in Education, certified practitioner of coaching, mentoring and physical training, teacher of aerobics (sssh don't tell!), a trained bodyworker in Sports and Swedish massage therapy. She certified to teach Soul Motion in 2011 and taught as a regular visiting teacher at the pioneering Esalen Institute from 2011-12 before establishing her teaching practice in Totnes community. 

Leela is inspired and informed by endless movement and sounding forms, including Halprin (Anna Halprin, Soto & Tamalpa) Continuum, Feldenkrais, 5 Rhythms, Tai Chi and presence theatre. Improvisational dancefloors on her twenties of travels became a place of sanctuary, and Leela decided to search for mentors; they answered the call, when she first explored Soul Motion at the Esalen Institute, California. With devotion she developed her movement and leadership practice under the guidance of Vinn Arjuna Marti & Zuza Engler and absorbs teachings further afield; with dance leaders Anna Halprin, Susan Harper and Helen Poynor as supervisor. A desire to share dance with life-long commitment to learning led Leela to become an apprentice on the Soul Motion Leadership programme, 2010-11.

Leela leads dance space with curiosity and hope for each dancer to follow the truth of their own listening. She looks forward to meeting you there.

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