Begin Again ~ Soul Motion workshop with Michael Molin-Skelton

Feb 9-11th, 2018 with faculty teacher Michael Molin-Skelton  SPACE Studio 6, Dartington, UK £170 celebrate your beauty. – alisa barry Mirror mirror what do others  see in you that  you can’t see in  yourself? What if you and i could begin again in awe of our own beauty, from the awesome to the awful? are you willing? Consider this: there is within each moment the opportunity for you and I to make a choice, which alters the landscape that frames our lives. This moment, the crossroads of our past and our possibilities, is ripe with there potent promise of change and the invitation to risk. Are you willing? In this Soul Motion workshop we will practise living the dance that begins right now, with this first breath, with this first step. And as we lose our ground due to various distractions and attractions the continuing invitation will simply be to begin again. Lets you and I allow the first step to take us more fully into our lives. To risk is to lose your footing for amount, not to risk is to lose yourself. This workshop may include some working with dance ritual. Read more about Michael’s work here:

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