Opening the door to dance    

Santa Fe, at the Railyard, a Thursday night, seventy or so bodies, men, women, children moving in unknown ways. That was the first time I walked onto an improvised dance floor. Where could I look? What on earth was going on? Where could I put myself?
It was so long ago, I forget the question exists these days. Here, and here, and here too are the answers that follow me around since. I’m glad to remember the first time, my lostness amidst a sea of movement before my body began to curiously answer its own question, ‘Where am I?’
I danced that first night facing a wall, an english woman’s back to a whirl of desert-dwelling american artists. I returned twice every week for my 3 months in the town. I begged to know where to dance on the other nights. As I moved on, the first question I asked in every town I landed was, ‘Where is the dance?’ 
The question travels in my shadow, and answers in lungs, in gravity, in motion. That night in Santa Fe changed my life. Her name was Frances, she invited me that night, I have no idea where or how to thank her.

When dancing alone comes together    

Dance is for anyone. Dance is the way we listen to how we move.A dear dancer and I were playing today. We both danced alone in the space together, and this is what happened. Simple listening. Thank you Ulli.

Posted by Leela Fisk on Monday, 16 November 2015

Inside my artist    

I leave the front door open, and light the fire
I cannot bear to be alone in the solitude I seek.
I carry projects, unended, unbegun, 
Any step too far to see.
Sometimes in the blaze of my midday soul I write their midlife, I film their heart beating
By dawn they hang suspended asking
How Ever 
to touch our feet to the ground
When Ever
will the journey reveal a life dreamt of.

Echoes across the ocean    

For Lisa Remington. Good to play :)Took me some persuasion time to make this 'Public' but hell, what is there to hide when we die anyway. See the empty space people 󾍇

Posted by Leela Fisk on Friday, 30 October 2015

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