Reflections on a committed series.    

Some reflections on our Tuesday committed explorations.

Sometimes we arrive to the sound of ocean waves, or rain, chimes. Sometimes we focus on dancing alone. Sometimes the conversation is kept alive by switching between crayon ‘markings’ on blank canvas, back, forth, marking, moving, reflecting, responding. Sometimes we dance from ground, pushing up and falling down through space from forgotten surfaces across the body. Sometimes we hear the sound of being alive amidst silence.

Sometimes we dance in partnership, sometimes we think we can’t and sometimes we find utter joy in the presence of another set of unique movements around us. Sometimes we see how relaxing space is and throw movements like liberation. Sometimes we listen into small space and it cushions like life-juice of amniotic sac. Sometimes we play in the centre of the room as community then diffuse through the room alone. Sometimes we rest.

Always I do not know what will happen. Sometimes I’m scared by that. More and more I notice the extraordinary landscape of daily creativity as leadership approaches. Usually I remember to relax. Always I’m inspired and amazed by the Infinite and Infinitesimal potential of movement and scores to play with.
Sometimes I’m sad to be so far away from the teachers and community who taught me to explore this vast world through simple leadership principles called Soul Motion. Every time, I’m grateful to stand at the beginning of a fresh path carving new ways with you.


January Stillness    


A love note I wrote for the dancers who meet in Totnes during my travels. I’ve been sending a playlist and a note, and otherwise there are 3 simple chimes during the passage to invite curiosity for dancing alone, and with others.

To move in the silence
Dance with the chimes
Pause in the centre as fast music runs by.

To caress and conduct 
Our music of breath,
To follow the body as it spirals free.

To start small, 
grow big, 
To start big, 
gather small.
Over and over in your breathing art.

runs with your choice 
by loving, shameless 

Dancing Alchemy    

I’ve been sending love notes, in the form of opening intentions, to the group back in Totnes from California.
They have been meeting monthly to dance to a playlist I create for them. Here’s the last love note they read out to begin the dance.

The alchemist of our own dance.

The gold is here,
in the meeting with breath
in that tiny shift of weight
or the instinctive call to sink and rise,
to grow into your true space.

It’s in the listening,
receiving, transmitting, adapting.
A little more weight, then play for a while,
a little more space – around the heart.
And what happens if I lift my eyes?

Yes what happens?
How do you respond
as the scales tip, over, under, back to balance
in the alchemy of meeting yourself
within the world?


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