Between lands    

Hanging on the edge    

My teachers    

Each our own path    

An extract from my contribution to the Soul Motion School festive newsletter. This is my part, if you’d like to read others’ contributions see here and you can sign up to receive the letter.

I remember the night, two years ago driving down Highway 1, between leading class at Esalen and another in Marin. Arjuna’s voice on the phone,

‘One teacher, twice a week, for three years. That’s how you relax leading this practice Leela.’

I’ve taken him on his word. And it’s been no easy task relocating to the Devon, England, where Soul Motion was unheard of. If you imagine a small Esalen group forming quickly in your local studio, God will laugh at your plans. Instead I began alone – to know the practice as my own, to live the practice, and from there to offer the practice in weekly classes revealing my humble soul.

The exploration has made a new woman of me. Different terrains call us to walk in new ways and I explore the simplicity of Soul Motion in daily devotion, extending to children, elders, committed groups to classical music, and community evenings. And I hold in my heart my first weekend retreat calling dancers to Devon this April.

Am I relaxing yet? I’m enjoying what’s happening. I learn to say yes to space. Playlist perfection, and an illusory ability to calculate the future are exchanged for space as preparation. I’d rather trust singing with the ocean, or cycling the hills, and let stillness open through space.

These are intimate discoveries, but sharing with community teaches me what I could never know alone. So I thank you. I wish you blessings in the new year dancers.

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