There is inspiration everywhere.
Reading and watching:
Free Play ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
Wisdom Comes Dancing ~ Writings of Ruth St Denis
Breath Made Visible ~ Anna Halprin
Soul Motion website and certified teachers

Edgar Spieker, Germany

Valerie Chafograck, NoCal, USA

Soul Motion and practices for presence with Zuza Engler, NoCal USA

Spiritweaves with Michael and Anneli Molin-Skelton, LA, USA

  Other valuable dance practices and teachers:
Tamalpa Institute and life work of Anna Halprin

Enstatic Dance with Jamus and Lee

School of Movement Medicine

5 rhythms

Helen Poynor’s Walk of Life

Continuum with Susan Harper

Jo Hardy’s conscious dance, Totnes

Action Theatre

  Dance retreats and gatherings:
NCDC annual summer camp

Esalen Institute

Workshops Soulmotion Accessories