The Landscapes

Dance Intimate: We explore the textures and sensations in our solo field of dance.

Dance Communion: The dancer begins to open the field of perception to include the dance of another. Sometimes like two solo musicians playing a personal tune in duet.

Dance Community: Dancers begin to move in everwidening circles, receiving, giving information and inspiration to the larger dance happening all around them.

Dance Infinite: We are uniquely solo, enhanced by meetings and the teachings of others. Noticing the dance of our natural body and moving world is a meditational and expansive practice to walk through life.

Soul Motion, the life work of Vinn Marti (USA), is a self-expressive and spontaneous form of dance. Therapeutic, reflective, and open to all. By dance we refer to non-styalised exploratory movement, like discovering your body has a mind of its own and you can enjoy listening deeply to it, and encouraging it to explore with your attention. The most simple invitation on the dance floor is to initiate our dance through breath, noticing each breathing moment that moves us through the living world. From this point of attention the body can reveal itself as an everchanging miracle within a co-creating world. There is space for all experiences - the messy, the devoted, the hesitant, the grateful; and as we move with them we can be assured they will change and usher to the next.

Though every class will unfold in its own way, the invitation of Soul MotionŲ classes is to move across four relational landscapes, using three points of views. Classes are kept simple to explore one theme at a time. Occasional use of spoken enquiry will be offered to move with, and sometimes drawing or poetry are offered. Both diverse music and the sounds of silence accompany the dance. All dancers are encouraged to take a stance of compassionate witness as and when they feel.

Three Points of View


Pause Presence: Pausing with awareness of subtle pulsing potentiality during the dance offers us a chance for integration, alertness and new directions.

Orbit Orientation: The dancer is encouraged to consciously move in all directions following the omnidirectional nature of the body and life.

Echo Inspiration: Opening our eyes to the dancers around us we are naturally infused by responses to the movements that we can see and feel. We offer and receive inspiration through attending to our own intuitive movements and looking though the eyes of the heart into the dancing space around. Through group dancing explorations we continue to unravel the magic of co-creation. In spontaneous dance we can be relieved not to know what will happen and instead be present fully in the body with what does happen.

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