The Power of Love

Love is probably the most profound, most meaningful and most abused word of all. Concepts and beliefs what love is and how love shows up are numerous, depending on culture and life experience.

This weekend is an attempt to investigate and experience love from the perspective of a dancer.

The dancer practices Self-Love by showing up in an authentic and natural manner, knowing that there is no need to hide her/his truth in whatever way it reveals itself through movement.

Dancers love each other by creating space for the other to move in. They practice seeing with the eyes of the heart. They support the other’s personal growth by witnessing compassionately and letting go of judgements and expectations.

In the presence of other dancers they love by serving for the good of all. The are ready to listen and answer with clarity in all directions. They know they are an unique, essential and necessary wave in the ocean of love.

Dancers know that love can blossom even better, when also the dark sides receive attention, the emotions and expressions we tend to hide, because they dont fit into the image we have about ourselves.

Let’s practice together falling in love through the dance. It’s easier than you think and can be more powerful than you ever dreamed of.

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